Do You Have an Appetite for Change?

Hunger doesn’t just occur at Christmas, it’s an ongoing global problem, and we need a global community-based sustainable solution.

This Christmas, Hope for the Nations is inviting you to Freeze Hunger! Through a series of events and online initiatives we will be helping support nutrition and farming programs in six different countries around the world; to help improve the health and emotional well-being of children in need.

Take advantage of this end of year giving opportunity to make a lasting change, to feed the hungry, and create a more stable and healthy future for children at risk.

Come together as a family, group of friends, home group, workplace, or team, or give as an individual. Sponsor a specific country or make a general donation this holiday season, show you have an appetite for change, and make a difference this Christmas season.

"Almost every country in the world now faces a serious nutrition-related challenge whether stemming from undernutrition or overweight and obesity, with 1 in 3 people affected. The 2017 Global Nutrition Report finds that the world cannot afford not to act on nutrition: it’s a critical lynchpin for the global effort to end poverty and achieve sustainable development."

Help Us Freeze Hunger

Select a country to learn more about how you can help Freeze Hunger around the world.







Or Make a Global Donation

It’s not always easy to choose between regions or projects. How do you weigh the needs of one against another? If you want to lend your support globally, you can make a general donation that will be pooled and split evenly between the six countries.

Help Freeze Hunger Today

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Hope for the Nations is a Kelowna-based NGO, empowering children at risk to become children of change. HOPE equips marginalized children to become leaders - those who affect positive change within their communities - by partnering with local organizations working within a wide variety of cultural contexts.

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